Turn Around Services

Turn Around Services

In-Situ Machining is a leading provider of comprehensive Turn Around Services, specializing in delivering top-notch on-site machining solutions for a wide range of industries across Canada. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality and efficiency in every project we undertake.

Key Features of our Turn Around Services include:

In-Situ Machining offers comprehensive on site machining services for plant shutdowns anywhere in Canada. Some key features of these services include:

Flange Management

For large-scale projects we offer dedicated personnel for flange inspection and quality control. Our trained machinists are able to examine and provide detailed reports on a wide range of flanges including raised face flanges, RTJ’s, lens flanges, oval manways, exchanger flanges and more. This reduces leaks on start up and during your operations.

Large Equipment Inventory

We take pride in our extensive inventory of on site machining equipment and supplemental tools, which ensures we have the ideal equipment for any project. 

Safety and Supervision

We prioritize safety and project management by providing our own on site supervision and safety personal for larger shutdowns.

Mobile Tool Cribs

Our mobile tool cribs are transported to site for the duration of the project and are equipped with the supplies, equipment, and supplemental tools required for any planned jobs.

Portable Power Solutions

Our portable compressors and generators ensure that we can operate all our equipment, even in remote locations or job sites where power may be limited.


We possess the resources to organize and manage projects of any size, allowing us to cater to the unique requirements of any shutdown.

Nationwide Availability

Our services are available across Canada, making us a reliable partner for clients from coast to coast.