Stud Removal & Drilling

Stud Removal & Drilling

Are you dealing with broken or seized studs? Don’t risk causing more damage to your threads by resorting to outdated techniques such as double nutting or backwelding. Instead, our team of professionals and our advanced equipment and tooling can be used to drill and tap studs out, all while carefully preserving the threads. In cases where the threads have already suffered damage, our skilled technicians can adeptly oversize and re-tap the hole, provided it is a viable option. This approach ensures the restoration of the affected area and prolongs the lifespan of the machinery. To handle even the largest tap sizes, we also have a hydraulic tapping attachment at our disposal.

In-Situ Machining prides itself on offering a large selection of drill and tap sizes. By entrusting your stud removal needs to In-Situ Machining, you can be confident that the job will be handled with precision and skill.

Stud Removal Services

  • Stud Removal
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Spot Facing
  • Scalloping

Stud Removal & Drilling Machine Specs

MagDrill0″ – 3″
Lumina Drill0″ – 2″
Silk HD 1000″ – 3″
Silk HD 4000″ – 6″
Hydraulic Tapping1″ – 5″
Super Drill Kit
Twist Drill Kit
Spade Drill Kit

Stud Removal Tools & Equipment