FARO Laser

Faro Laser Tracker

In-Situ Machining is proud to offer our clients advanced laser tracking, featuring the highly precise FARO Vantage E Laser Tracker. This state-of-the-art, portable metrology device, is designed to provide hyper-accurate measurements over large distances, ensuring exceptional precision and reliability for a wide range of applications. The FARO Vantage E Laser Tracker is also equipped with ActiveSeek technology, allowing the device to follow a moving target even when its vision is obstructed, and its portability and range allow us to inspect large parts located almost anywhere on site. This innovative feature ensures seamless tracking, enabling quicker and more efficient results. We often use this method of measurement in tandem with our other machining services such as flange facing, portable milling, and line boring. This guarantees precision results are achieved for projects including flatness inspections of pressure vessel flange faces and levelness checks on pump, gearbox, and motor bases. 

By leveraging our FARO Laser Services, you can trust In-Situ Machining to deliver the quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction that we are known for. Experience the difference that our advanced portable FARO Laser technology can make for your project by partnering with In-Situ Machining today.

FARO Laser Tracker Machine Specs

In-Line Measure Measurements

0.0007″2 – 5 metres
0.0009″2 – 10 metres
0.0017″2 – 35 metres

*MPE = Maximum Possible Error

Horizontal Scale Bar Measurements

(2.3 metres across)

0.0017″2 metres
0.0025″5 metres
0.0039″10 metres
0.0109″35 metres