Stud Removal

Broken or seized studs? In-Situ Machining has extensive experience with in-place stud removal. Eliminate the risk of further damaging your threads with outdated methods like double nutting or backwelding. We use the latest equipment and tooling to easily drill and tap studs out without touching the threads. In the unfortunate case where threads are already damaged, we can oversize and re-tap the hole when applicable.

We also have a large selection of drill and tap sizes available for a wide range of applications. For the largest of tap sizes, our hydraulic tapping attachment is available.

Services Include

  • Stud Removal
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Spot Facing
  • Scalloping
Portable Drills
Mag Drill0 - 1"
Lumina Drill0 - 2"
Silk HD 1000 - 3"
Silk HD 4000 - 6"
Hydraulic Tapping0 - 5"