Line Boring & Power Honing

In-Situ Machining is completely prepared with a mobile tool shop dedicated to line boring. It includes hydraulic power packs, a generator, bearings, boring bars and all additional tooling and equipment necessary to complete the job. With our equipment we can accommodate diameters from 1.125″ to 36″ and our largest bar can reach up to 12 feet.

In-Situ Machining also has its own portable power honing machine designed and manufactured by our own personnel. Its main purpose is the honing of engines and compressor cylinders on-site to achieve that fine finish they require to operate smoothly. This machine has the capacity to power hone bores from 6″ to 36″ in diameter, with 48″ of stroking travel. Additionally you could use this machine for just about any application which requires extensive hand honing.

Services Include

  • Pivots
  • Articulating Joints
  • Alignments on special applications
  • Blind Boring
  • Line Boring Compressor Cylinders
  • Portable Power Honing
Line Boring Machines
York1.5" - 6"
BB 50002.5" - 12"
BB 60006.5" - 36"
Power Honing Machines
HM 60006" - 36"