In-Situ Plays Paintball

Everyone at In-Situ looks forward to our quarterly team-building events. These excursions give our employees a chance to unwind, and they allow us all to get to know one another better, in a fun and engaging environment. From casual BBQ’s, 3v3 basketball tournaments, live sporting events, and axe throwing; we have done it all. These events allow us to see each other beyond our work roles and help to shape a stronger crew dynamic, which ultimately leads to better communication and collaboration.

We recently took our employees to an outdoor paintball range, which was a total blast. There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of a paintball game to bring people together and promote team spirit. The weather was amazing, and we were the only group on the course that afternoon, so we got to try out all the top maps without having to wait. Besides the occasional bruise everyone had a great time, and we can’t for our next team building event!