Cut and Bevel 1,000 Joints

In April of 2019, In-Situ Machining was hired by PCL to address a critical issue concerning welds in pipes originating from the NWR refinery. The client had discovered numerous cracks and imperfections in the welds while inspecting the joints onsite. They determined that sections of the pipe were salvageable, but all damaged weld needed to be removed. Knowing this issue needed to be addressed quickly, large sections of pipe with cracked welds were brought to the PCL shop in Nisku, Alberta.

Our team was tasked with cutting and prepping the old welded joints to remove the cracked weld from these pipes. We ended up completing approximately 445 cuts on heavy wall stainless steel welded joints in pipes that ranged from 32” to 6” in length and completed more than 950 bevels in total. 

Due to the large scope of this project, and the urgency for the work to be completed, the client had made an early decision to bring on another machining vendor in an attempt to accelerate the timeline. However, after realizing that In-Situ’s output in a single day matched the new company’s total weekly output, the client opted to continue collaborating solely with us. 

The full project spanned three months, April to June, with a dedicated crew of approximately 16 individuals working 12 hour shifts to ensure the job was completed within the timeframe. In-Situ Machining’s ability to deliver precise and efficient solutions has earned us the trust of clients like PCL and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them in the future.