We’re Hiring. Join Our Team!

At In-Situ Machining Solutions, we consider our team to be a part of our extended family, recognizing that their skills, professionalism, and expertise are the cornerstones of our success and the image we present to our clients.

We’re currently on the lookout for motivated, talented, and hardworking individuals to join our team. Do you have the drive and determination required to thrive in this fast-paced and ever-evolving work environment?

We are currently seeking individuals for the following positions:

For any inquiries about the positions we’re currently looking to fill, feel free to reach out to Ryan Titley at Ryan@insitumachining.com.

In-House Training

We are deeply committed to cultivating a skilled and knowledgeable workforce through comprehensive in house training programs. Recognizing the value of ongoing education, In-Situ will continue to pay staff hourly wages while completing all training. These semi-annual training sessions typically span 1-2 weeks, covering critical topics such as safety protocols, best machining practices, effective problem-solving techniques, and strategies for adapting to unique and challenging situations. We also review the safe and efficient operation of a variety of specialized portable machines, learning different applications for each. Before operating any machinery in the field, each team member is required to complete training on the specific equipment. This emphasis on training guarantees a safe working environment for all employees as well as highlights our focus on efficiency and quality workmanship, creating a culture of excellence within the organization.

The advantages of working at In-Situ!

Joining our team at In-Situ Machining comes with a range of benefits and perks that make it an inviting and rewarding place to work, including:

Competitive Compensation

At In-Situ Machining, we value your skills and expertise. That’s why we offer a competitive salary that recognizes your contribution and dedication. Our top Journeyman Machinist rate now exceeds $50/hour as well as additional pay for overtime, double time, travel time, LOA, subsistence and night shift premiums.

Benefits Package

Along with competitive compensation, we provide comprehensive health and wellness spending accounts. These accounts include options for dental, optical, prescriptions, gym memberships and more! We prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and their families.

Training Opportunities

We believe in encouraging the growth and development of our employees. As part of this commitment, we provide ongoing training opportunities. These initiatives include safety courses, on the job training, paying for apprenticeship fees and providing generous bonuses for exceptional academic performance.

Collaborative and Supportive Team Environment

At In-Situ Machining we cultivate a collaborative and supportive team environment. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals who are passionate about their work. Our open and inclusive culture promotes teamwork, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

Team Building and Social Events

We understand the importance of a positive and engaging workplace atmosphere. Throughout the year, we organize team building activities and social events to foster camaraderie and encourage a healthy work-life balance. These events give you the chance to bond with your colleagues outside of work and create lasting relationships.